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23 July 2019


The National Agency of the Universal Service of Telecommunications / ICT for short ANSUT was created by section 157 of Ordinance No. 2012-293 of 21 March 2012. ANSUT is a State Company under the tutelage Technique of the Ministry of Post and Information and Communication Technologies (MPTIC).

ANSUT was created after the dissolution of the National Telecommunications Fund (FNT). It incorporates therefore the powers of the latter and ensures the implementation of all projects (eGouv, List PR, PNTR) initially funded Ex Fund.

ANSUT is primarily responsible to ensure the implementation of universal service programs on behalf of the state and manage investment operations funded by the state in the field of telecommunications / ICT.

ANSUT is required to produce each year no later than 30 March, an activity report which is communicated to the Minister of Telecommunications and published on its website.

The administrative offices are located ANSUT Cocody Riviera Attoban. The seat of the Agency shall be in Abidjan and can be transferred to any other place in the national territory, by decision of the Board of Directors.



The ANSUT's missions are defined generally by the ordinance of 21 March 2012, and more specifically by Decree No. 2012-949 of 26 September 2012 relative to the Organization and Operation of ANSUT.

According to this Decree, the ANSUT missions are:

Develop the specifications of Universal Service Programs Telecommunications / ICT;
Ensuring the financing of universal service programs of Telecommunications / ICT;

Ensuring the implementation of Universal Service programs for Telecommunication / ICT;

Ensuring the management of investment's operations funded by the state in the field of telecommunications / ICT;
Ensuring on behalf of the state, maintenance, management and rehabilitation of the property assets serving operating environment in telecommunications / ICT sector.

Universal service in terms of the programs are developed and approved by the Ministry in charge of Telecommunications / ICT through the ordinance of 293 / MPTIC / CAB / of 21 August 2013 approving the programs of the universal service of telecommunications / ICTs;

These include:

Emergency communication project;
And multi-service community e of;
e-Agriculture the project;
The construction of national high-speed optic fiber network;
Extension of ICT;


The vision is to foster ANSUT positioning ICT at the heart of Emergence 2020 Ivory Coast program.


The main objective of ANSUT is ensuring access of all people, tools and essential services of Telecom / ICT, throughout the national territory.


To make ICT available and accessible financially and geographically;
To ensure the smooth running of the implementation of the telecom infrastructure;
To popularize ICTs among the population;
To train people in ICT;
To promote the development of content by local companies;
To build an efficient and secure digital economy.

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