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23 July 2019

Universal Service

Universal Service is a set of requirements for the general interest relating to Telecommunications /ICT aiming at ensuring throughout Côte d'Ivoire, access for everybody to essential, good quality and affordable telecommunication/ICT services. It shall be ensured in accordance with the principles of equality, continuity, adaptability and independence.

It includes provision of emergency telecommunications/ICT services, provision of special services for people with disabilities or with special social needs, general interest tasks of the Statein the field of Telecommunications /ICT.
Universal Service should allow eventual access to all the Ivorian population to basic telecommunications services: Telephone and Internet and is the responsibility of the State.
Universal Service includes:

Universal Service Programs are developed and approved by the Ministry incharge of telecommunications/ ICT. Operators and service providers contributing financially to the universal service are consulted for their views on the development of Universal Service.
Each universal service program is subject to a detailed specifications including:

The program’s detailed budget based on available resources.

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